BodyTalk Distance session Children Case study  

We Conducted a case study from January- March 2017. Treating 18 children aged 2-4 years old (and 1 aged 7) over 12 weeks: 

 An often overlooked and misunderstood attribute of the BodyTalk system is its ability to treat remotely or at a distance. We conducted this study to show the effectiveness of distance sessions, which is the preferable way of treating young children. You can learn more about BodyTalk and distance work HERE. 

This study was conducted by Certified BodyTalk practitioners Joanne Yanke and Sharon Koenning.  We treated one 7 year old and 18 2-4 years olds through 6 bi-weekly distance sessions over  the duration of 12 weeks. The children where treated without every being met by the practitioner and with no contact with the child or guardian during the treatment. The BodyTalk sessions were done using the practitioner as the surrogate and then an audio file outlining the outcome of the sessions were sent to the guardian to review when it was convenient for him or her to do so.  There was no disruption of the child's or parent's schedule and in some cases the parents noticed marked improvement in the child not knowing the session had been completed or before reviewing the session. 

We treated children with major physical issues such as cancer, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, vision loss and  2 cases of an  undiagnosable ‘failure to thrive’ where the child is just losing weight and fading away without any idea why. We also addressed more general issues like speech delay, respiratory issues, eczema, allergies, night terrors, separation anxiety, bed wetting, hyperactivity, and anger.  

We did an initial survey of numerous physical, emotional, behavioural, developmental and social factor and re-evaluated  the same factors at the end. A statistical analysis was conducted on the average initial and average follow up responses to the questions. See the details of the questions surveyed and the results of the analysis here.  The conclusion of the analysis was that the treatments were effective and every child treated reported improvements in at least one area of concern.

A 4 year old study participant (#1Behaviour/Aggression):

My granddaughter moved in with me at the age of 18 months.  She had suffered trauma, neglect, malnourishment and abuse previous to moving in.  Her behavior issues were quite severe and she is coping with FASD as well as ADHD among other things.  We were at our wits end dealing with melt-downs, defiance, and lack of sleep for the household.  She was struggling with hyperactivity, tactile sensitivities, hearing and speech issues and sleep deprivation.

I was thrilled when I saw the study as many people had recommended body talk for her but I hadn't made it a priority.  

Had  I known what a game changer Body talk would be for our whole family, I would have tried it years ago.  I can confidently say that Joanne gave me a new granddaughter!!!  Most her struggles seemed to disappear after the first session (no more night terrors, hour long fits, sleep deprivation).  As she had her 2nd and 3rd session her speech became perfect, her hyperactivity almost disappeared, and she became a calm, easy child to care for.  Now, after 6 sessions, she is quite an adaptable, flexible child.  Change doesn't seem to upset or even phase her.

(last  summer, she cried for 3 hours because the playground at a camping site wasn't the color she liked).

It was really convenient that we didn't even need to leave home!  Joanne offered these sessions remotely without even meeting her! We didn't even need to interrupt her daily routine.  

If you are struggling with your health or wellness in any aspect, or have children in your world who seem to be struggling in any way, I highly recommend Joanne's services!!!  Our whole family has been enriched by the experience!!

Some comments from the parents after just 1-2 treatments:

Right after session #2: 

  • I just want to say thank you for today's session... You absolutely hit the nail on the head with the digestion stuff.. We both firmly believe that something is going on with her stomach but no one can figure it out.. Not even the doctors.  Today *'s behaviour did a 360!!!! She has Never behaved this well before!!
  • *'s speech is doing so much better. New words every day
  • *eczema is the best it has been in months. Not red and inflamed, mostly dry patches. I can hardly believe it.

After session #1:

  • Since *’s first treatment 2 weeks ago he has improved his vocabulary by 300%.  He had very few words prior – mommy, daddy, no, baby.  On the afternoon of your first treatment he asked me for an ‘apple’ and later that evening asked me for ‘honey’.  He had never said much beyond grunts and finger pointing prior and certainly had never asked for anything besides my husband or I by name. I hadn’t yet listened to your email so didn’t even know anything was different.  It took me about a week to link the 2 events.  Since then he has about 20+ new words and will now TRY to repeat you even if he doesn’t get the sound perfectly.   His mood has improved immensely.  While he is still 2 and does breakdown when he doesn’t get enough independence he does manage to handle his emotions better. * has always struggled with his digestion and has trouble passing gas.  Even though this had been managed and far improved over the last year the last time he had been on antibiotics (November) he had struggled with this again.  With this most recent round in December he had no signs of tummy troubles at all.