Case 1: Girl age 4 Behaviour/Aggression

Initial Complaint:

Grandaughter moved in with me at 18 months from a dysfunctional home. We are unsure of the trauma she was exposed to but do have strong belief she has FASD (testing not available for diagnosis until age 6). She struggles with incredible rage, frustration, behaviour disorders, night terrors and delayed speech.  

Follow up:

Granddaughter is like a new person since the study began.  After 1 treatment her night terrors stopped and they were consistently awful.  After 3 sessions she began sleeping through the night in her own bed.  Her behaviour issues have decreased significantly and she seems much better equipped to cope with life and its' occasional hiccups.


    My granddaughter moved in with me at the age of 18 months.  She had suffered trauma, neglect, malnourishment and abuse previous to moving in.  Her behavior issues were quite severe and she is coping with FASD as well as ADHD among other things.  We were at our wits end dealing with meltdowns, defiance, and lack of sleep for the household.  She was struggling with hyperactivity, tactile sensitivities, hearing and speech issues and sleep deprivation. I was thrilled when I saw the study as many people had recommended body talk for her but I hadn't made it a priority.   Had  I known what a game changer Body talk would be for our whole family, I would have tried it years ago.  I can confidently say that Joanne gave me a new granddaughter!!!  Most her struggles seemed to disappear after the first session (no more night terrors, hour long fits, sleep deprivation).  As she had her 2nd and 3rd session her speech became perfect, her hyperactivity almost disappeared, and she became a calm, easy child to care for.  Now, after 6 sessions, she is quite an adaptable, flexible child.  Change doesn't seem to upset or even phase her. (last  summer, she cried for 3 hours because the playground at a camping site wasn't the color she liked). It was really convenient that we didn't even need to leave home!  Joanne offered these sessions remotely without even meeting her! We didn't even need to interrupt her daily routine.   If you are struggling with your health or wellness in any aspect, or have children in your world who seem to be struggling in any way, I highly recommend Joannes' services!!!  Our whole family has been enriched by the experience!!   Treated Grandmother 4x, sister twice, dad once

Data Summary & Analysis:

This client saw major decreases in issues with speech, contact with fabrics, issues with waking during the night, major reduction in nightmares/night terrors and major improvement in adaptability to when plans change. 

Moderate decrease in stuttering and dental issues as well as moderate decrease in issues with anger, tantrums and aggression.  She also seen improvements in attention span and ability to participate in a group. 

Her grandmother noted increases in  a few areas which could be due to the fact that her behaviour  was so violent and aggressive that those minor issues went unnoticed.  Variables like allergies  could be due to it being spring with the follow up and more allergens are  present compared to December when the initial form was filled out.  

Overall this client had major success with the distance treatments and continues to make progress with continued treatments. 

One other thing to note with this client was her family members also underwent a number of treatments during the span of the study. 

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