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"Where do I even start! Working with Joanne and her prenatal BodyTalk package was absolutely wonderful. Through BodyTalk, yoga, sleep education class, loads of information and hands on help during labor I felt prepared and informed throughout my pregnancy and the delivery of our son. Joanne worked with both myself and the baby throughout the pregnancy to make sure we were both safe and healthy and connected so when the time came for delivery we were working together! My pregnancy was easy and when heartburn and hip pain did pop up it was quickly resolved. We have also had postpartum BodyTalk sessions that have helped me with my postpartum anxiety and depression and has helped our son be so content and happy and easy going! I seriously would highly recommend working with Joanne throughout your pregnancy, delivery and into postpartum. It truly helps you feel empowered and enjoy every step of the journey!" ~ Rebecca Dyck- Saskatoon, Canada

I love working with in-utero babies. They are affected by both maternal and paternal stress plus they have their own fears and anxieties,  most often surrounding birth and the transition to life on the outside. If they are fearful of entering the world babies tend to stay in non-optimal positions or be overdue in resistance. Through BodyTalk, I can work with babies and the birthing person to release the fear and help them be ready to enter the world as unravel the fears, negative belief systems and even physical discomfort of pregnancy. BodyTalk births tend to be shorter and easier and tend to slide towards the ecstatic or even orgasmic side of the spectrum. Calm and ready for birth both are in sync with each other. I love working with the dyad throughout the pregnancy  so ensure both stress free as possible. Particularly if you had an unpleasant experience with your first birth, or a pregnancy loss. A need to disconnect and not bring those experiences into the new birth with you- or if YOUR birth into the world was traumatic it needs to be addressed. Both birthing person and baby fear free, ready and excited to transition into the next stage together. Means faster easier births. Peaceful Births leads to peaceful, easy babies. Natural birth not in your cards? That's okay I can help you prepare and process whatever this journey brings for you. BodyTalk can really help speed up recovery from any interventions you may experience.  If you are Overdue, or have poor fetal positioning BodyTalk is a safe, simple, effective way of getting things aligned and progressing. 

BodyTalk in-utero has been able to recognize early defects and help the tiny body to work more effectively at healing that issue. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually- BodyTalk can help baby to heal. We now know that babies are conscious do remember  and are impacted by their experiences right from conception.  I love working with surrogacy and adoption babies as they have the most to gain from BodyTalk. Their experiences in utero can be very stressful as the birth person is unable to bond and connect with them.  Even in traditional pregnancies, I often see fetal fears of not being accepted if a parent or even a sibling is really wanting a specific gender. Or if your initial thoughts were you didn’t want the pregnancy, babies tend to keep the mindset that 'I never should of existed'. Adoption, the fact someone gave you away immensely affects self worth. Babies are exceptionally responsive to BodyTalk as they don’t have all the layers of issue adults have to work through. The root cause is right there. 

*I am working at making the language on my site and my care as inclusive as possible. For example using the term "The birthing person" instead of mother  as better suited for those in surrogate or adoption situations as well as LGBQT+ inclusion.*  Birth is a transformative experience for all involved and I will work with the entire family and intended parents etc as desired. 

BodyTalk for Pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a time of extraordinary physical and emotional change for all involved and  is well-supported through the BodyTalk system. It's also a time when it's more important than ever for the birthing person, to support and care for your well-being. BodyTalk can help you meet the unique challenges of pregnancy, ensuring optimal health for both you and your baby, and deepen your understanding of the mother to baby connection. Regular BodyTalk sessions assist the bodymind for the birthing process and post natal recovery. Labour time is drastically reduced, minimizing the stress on the baby and you. Your milk comes in quickly and abundantly, and the baby latches and feeds well. Post partum depression and colicky babies are unlikely, as Bodytalk maintains healthy immune function and balance. BodyTalk treatments can also take place for your in-utero baby, addressing his or her specific needs to reduce stress and create better communication within your little one's body and development.  And as of May 2021 I have a 100% success rate of NO colic in babies I worked with through the pregnancy and all tell me they are the easiest, most content babies- even where births didn't work out as planned. 

What to expect:

For a healthy pregnancy, sessions are often recommended once a month for the birthing person and baby, with bi-weekly sessions in the last month.  Sessions for partners, Intended parents etc also highly recommended. However, I  will tailor your sessions entirely to you and your baby's needs. 
Unlike with Acupuncture where it is not safe to use certain points, the BodyTalk system can be used without any adverse side effects, BodyTalk can do no harm! 

Relief of common concerns

My new e-book: Pregnancy Symptoms Translator, Your BodyTalk Guide to understanding and healing your common pregnancy challenges- is coming soon! 

Regular BodyTalk balancing sessions throughout your pregnancy can enhance your health as well as your baby's health, potentially preventing complications and positively influencing the development of your baby. Many birthers and parents-to-be find themselves facing anxiety, fatigue, back pain, heartburn, nausea, and other symptoms as a result of the many new demands being placed on their bodies. BodyTalk has been found to effectively relieve many of these symptoms and more. 

Morning Sickness: is easily resolved through BodyTalk, and your practitioner will show you a general balancing technique called CORTICES, that you can do as and when you need to which will help restore your appetite, relieve headaches, body aches and increase your feelings of well being amongst other advantages. BodyTalk has also shown promising results in dealing with depression during and after pregnancy. 

Breech Babies and other issues:

BodyTalk can also help with more serious issues during pregnancy. Specific BodyTalk techniques are very useful for turning "breech babies" (those positioned feet or bum-first), transverse (sideways) or posterior (sunny-side up) positioning. Help to optimize their position and get good head engagement which makes all the difference in labour progression. 

If your due date has passed, BodyTalk can also assist in inducing labour gently without the need for drugs and invasive western methods. BodyTalk reduces labour pains, calm the mind and reduce stress during delivery. 

During Birth (or in advance):

BodyTalk Performance Session is a special BodyTalk session done before birth (or job interview, exam,  meeting, sports event etc) that is set to kick in at a specified time before, during and after the event, so you reap the benefits of BodyTalk without a practitioner being present. Distance sessions or having me present at the birth can be very beneficial to speed up the process, reduce pain and stress.  I can also be contacted during birth to do BodyTalk at a distance to help or arrangements can be made for me to present at the birth as a BodyTalk practitioner (see side bar)


The No Induction Guarantee:

BodyTalk is so effective at getting both the birthing person and baby ready to go, being 'overdue' is not usually an issue. Routine medical induction for past due babies often come with poor outcomes. I have made it my mission to never have a client go through that, and I offer free additional BodyTalk sessions at 41 weeks + as a back-up plan. *Ideally you'd have routine care throughout the pregnancy with the prenatal package, but having 2 prenatal sessions in the third trimester is the minimum to qualify*

After Baby has arrived:

It's important to recover properly after childbirth. BodyTalk speeds up your recovery, increases your body's natural ability to regain your strength and vitality, rebalances your energy, boosts your body's defences, and help address concerns such as pain, fatigue and postpartum depression. Your baby weight shifts quickly and helps you maintain a good milk supply for your growing baby. I would rather help you cope through nursing difficulties now than to treat you for trauma of not being able to nurse down the road. BodyTalk can help the body to establish a better milk supply, help baby with any frustration or another factors that can come up with a newborn. BodyTalk is essential for older siblings to help with the 'dethronement' that comes with a new baby. This is an area I work in most and has such immediate benefits! 

Your Baby:

Our sense organs develop and in some instances are active in the womb. Albeit external sensory stimulation is muted, like the sound of your voices that they kick and move in response to, the loudest sounds are that of the mother's heartbeat and digestive noises. They fully engage at birth. The womb stage is important because the parents' attitudes affect the development of the limbic system – the part of the brain that screens sensory information for clues of danger in the environment and then engages the "fight or flight response. If you as parents are overly concerned by tests performed during pregnancy, this can create the beginnings of belief systems such as 'the world is dangerous" or "life is a struggle" – because terminating the pregnancy is the unspoken reason behind most fetal testing. Maybe the partner is worrying about the financial burden of a new baby and being a responsible parent, but the baby only feels worry. Later in life this can cause colic, allergies, hypersensitivity, learning difficulties and other symptoms. When the baby is born and placed onto the primary caregiver's chest, the adrenaline surge relaxes, the baby settles and five senses are fully engaged in a balanced way. The familiarity of primary caregiver's heartbeat and voice, touch, the taste and smell of sweat on their skin all engage the senses  and teaches baby that the world outside is a safe place. If the one carrying the baby isn't the parent this can cause a great deal stress on the baby that can be addressed and supported with BodyTalk. 

 Sadly, in the western world, the birth process is far from natural and gentle for the baby and often Bodytalk addresses emotional involvement with birth trauma which distorts our senses and our belief systems about the world. Huge shifts occur by balancing the 5 senses and active memories around fetal development and birth and life experiences during the first 3 years. If a baby burns its mouth from milk that is too hot, the child may develop a distorted relationship with food that may show up as allergies or eating disorders. We are programmed to steer clear of pain, so children learn by watching their parents reactions and we give them feedback when they explore something new whether it is "safe" sometimes based on our own faulty belief systems.

The first three years of a child's life are crucial in forming who they become and in later life, how they respond to the world as the cause or effect. In a balanced child life flows through them or else it is a continuous struggle. Through Bodytalk, the struggle is reduced and the child is confident and feels safe, self esteem is good which in turn maintains a healthy immune system. Personality modification and false self – an accumulation of masks in order to get an acceptable response from the world is minimized and they feel emotionally secure. Physically as the baby crawls, cruises the furniture and then walks, the spine has to adapt to the postural changes of these developmental mile stones and again through maintenance Bodytalk sessions, the spine is balanced and the body grows strong and feels supported by the spinal vertebrae.

Through all the stages of life from fetus to old age, the bodytalk system maintains balance and harmony through each timeline of growth both physically and emotionally. Children of today are challenged daily by all sorts of stressors from the environmental pollution, genetically modified foods, hormones in meat produce, emfs from cell phone masts and a fast, electronic age of radiation from TV, computers and gadgets bombarding and distorting their cells all the time. Then the social pressure of school, achieving, making the grade, being as good as their friends, bullying and teasing, drugs and crime, collective fear of terrorism and gangs. The list goes on.  I often find with children the underlying cause of their issues stem from in-utero stress and even past life trauma, all of which can be addressed by BodyTalk.

BodyTalk Birth Package:

Just the basics for birth-  Includes  an initial BodyTalk session, Birth Prep BodyTalk session at 36 or 37 weeks, Hands on and BodyTalk support through labour & delivery,  Birth Education class & birth/post partum planning support and  a post partum session for both birther and baby.  $700 In person in Saskatoon & area or virtual support. Includes the 'No medical induction guarantee'. 

If you have already have birth support a standard 12 session BodyTalk package is all you need. 

I have an opening for a pro bono Prenatal care, birth support package for someone  in need. I'm taking applications via this google form if you know anyone under stress and needing support. My mission is to give babies the best start to life possible by providing BodyTalk prenatal care, birth support and postpartum care & education. Anyone in financial need is eligible to apply with preference going to those in highest risk groups (teen, single moms, abuse survivors, previous birth trauma or loss) and those giving babies up for adoption as those women/babies are under extreme stress. is the application form. In person in Saskatoon or Virtual anywhere. 

Recommended resources:

The Lamaze Guide to Birthing with Confidence. A straight forward book to develop your birth plan and knowledge of  interventions etc you may face without creating fear. I DO NOT recommend the what to expect book it creates unnecessary fear and worry. You can get great week to week development info from or  a pregnancy phone app.   

Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth. Full of wonderful inspiring birth stories to teach you not to fear birth but also great information about everything you need to know.  Best book ever. 

Orgasmic Birth. Both the Book and documentary. Birth can be orgasmic and wonderful. Mine Was!! See this youtube News interview about the movie.

Other good ones are Penny Simkin's The Birth Partner or The complete guide.

Watch  The business of being born  link to full movie on YouTube! 

Sunrider Nutrition for pregnancy pdf

Order Sunrider products here