case 15:BoyAge 2Respiratory

Initial Complaint:

He has had troubles breathing since birth. It never seemed to be an issue with his lungs but rather constant congestion. His nose rarely runs but he still sounds congested. At 3 months I dropped a pot next to him in the kitchen. He was looking the other way and didn't flinch. I dropped the pot several times, clapped, called him and nothing. He couldn't hear at all. Because he had been born at home we hadn't ever received any hearing screening. We scheduled a hearing test and were told at 4 months that it was inconclusive whether or not it was fluid or not so scheduled for further testing and a meeting with an ENT at 6 months. ENT found fluid behind the drums. By 10 months with help of homeopathy the fluid had started to clear but by 13 months it was back. At 16 months he was scheduled to receive tubes but we cancelled surgery as he was starting to respond more and more to noises. During this time we also had multiple problems with waking. His breath would catch while he was sleeping and he'd wake or he would wake with terrible gas cramps. He had trouble passing gas for the first 24 months of life. At 7.5 mos we had a tongue tie clipped and I was hoping some of these issues might be resolved. It helped but not a lot. His system just seems to move to slowly. More recently his tonsils have become an issue. They are 'the largest I've ever seen in a 2 year old' is not something you want to hear from an experienced ENT. At our visit in November he received a dose of antibiotics just to be sure there wasn't an underlying infection causing swelling. At the follow up appointment in December it was determined that their size hadn't changed. He has been sick multiple times since then and with his most recent cold he developed pneumonia. Therefore he is on antibiotics again. Because of his tonsils he snores incredibly loudly for such a small guy and really has a lot of trouble breathing especially when he's sick. They also affect how he's able to eat. He often spits food out because he can't swallow it. I feel like his tongue is also still tied as he doesn't seem to chew properly. On top of all this at about 14 months we realized his right testicle was larger than his left. He has a hydrocele. The Doctor has recommended surgery. I really hope that BodyTalk will get his little system moving faster as everything seems to come back to the lymphatic system holding on to fluid in his body!  

Study Outcome:

Mid-session: Since his first treatment 2 weeks ago he has improved his vocabulary by 300%.  He had very few words prior – mommy, daddy, no, baby.  On the afternoon of your first treatment he asked me for an ‘apple’ and later that evening asked me for ‘honey’.  He had never said much beyond grunts and finger pointing prior and certainly had never asked for anything besides my husband or I by name. I hadn’t yet listened to your email so didn’t even know anything was different.  It took me about a week to link the 2 events.  Since then he has about 20+ new words and will now TRY to repeat you even if he doesn’t get the sound perfectly.   We had linked his crazy temper tantrums to him being sick and unfortunately he had started antibiotics for pneumonia about 3 days prior to the first BodyTalk treatment so we really don’t know if these stopped because of him feeling better or because of the treatment.  His mood has improved immensely though.  While he is still 2 and does breakdown when he doesn’t get enough independence he does manage to handle his emotions better. He has always struggled with his digestion and has trouble passing gas.  Even though this had been managed and far improved over the last year the last time he had been on antibiotics (November) he had struggled with this again.  With this most recent round in December he had no signs of tummy troubles at all.  

Post study:

While his main concern of tonsil-size did not change, every other concern we had over his health did!  His lymphatic system is working better than ever - he no longer has extra fluid in his scrotum (which aided in avoiding surgery!), his ears have drained and no longer hold fluid (which also helped avoid surgery!), he's talking more than ever and his digestion is better!