I Believe...

  • Symptoms are the body trying to communicate that it needs help
  • Treating the symptoms never works, we NEED to get to the ROOT of the problem
  • Our bodies can heal ANYTHING with help to restore its innate ability to do so
  • I am just a translator, to help you and your body to recognize what the issues are
  • We are not the sum of are parts, we are our emotions, environment, energies, beliefs as well as the physical and energies
  • We are designed to heal
  • First step in fixing a problem is recognize you HAVE  a problem and WHAT it is.
  • We embody our experiences, pain, fear, emotions and if we don’t deal with it will present itself down the road as illness, pain etc
  • We can’t change other people but we can change how we choose to react
  • Our buttons that get pushed CAN be erased
  • We are triggered by the things we hate most about ourselves
  • We are a collection of our belief systems.
  • We will live or die based on our beliefs
  • Our bodies hear what our mind says.
  • Where your mind goes your energy flows
  • An attitude of gratitude is always the answer
  • Everything is energy
  • Energy can’t be created or destroyed
  • We are not born a blank slate
  • We have a purpose and when on the right path to it we will be in harmony
  • We are all interconnected
  • The more people conscious of the shifts the stronger they are =  power of Group work
  • We can choose to let go
  • We can choose to be happy and healthy
  • There is NO normal. We are all different for a reason and we shouldn’t hide it.
  • Conformity is hiding who we truly are and being told we aren’t good that way
  • Children are meant to be active, creative and explorative
  • We don’t all learn and operate the same way- learning disorders are a problem in the process not the child.  ie-Judging a fish by its ability to climb trees!
  • That kids cannot be bubble wrapped, that they need to learn to try on their own and sometimes fail.
  • Kids ( esp male teens!) need to feed the natural need for excitement and if we don’t allow appropriate thrill seeking behaviours they will seek out inappropriates ones.
  • Birth is a natural process NOT a medical procedure
  • A baby ready and excited to come into the world makes for easy, fast deliveries
  • Peaceful births bring peaceful babies
  • Our birth story has a major lifelong impact on both mother and baby
  • Trauma can be healed
  • Holistic health care is the medicine of the future.

I want to:

  • Change the World!
  • Not mask the symptoms but truly heal the root causes
  • Help people find their purpose
  • Share my passion and skills with as many people as possible
  • Protect the future 
  • Help kids  to be happy and healthy
  • Help Moms and babies to have exceptionally sacred birth experiences
  • Help people trust and believe in natural birth
  • Make parenting and relationships easier
  • Eradicate depression and anxiety
  • Change the way the world views healthcare and healing
  • Make BodyTalk a household name
  • Show the world that BodyTalk isn’t ‘Woo’ but a real way of creating health and happiness
  • Be an authority in Family health care in Canada

I know this to be true…

Mindset is everything! Something went wrong… Ask yourself- Will it matter tomorrow? The next day? Next week? Next year? If No, Then why does it need to hurt us and matter to us now? We can learn to shift our perspective on the little things and keep our vibrations positive. We can choose to not punish ourselves or hold onto hurt or anger. We don’t need it.

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