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We have a lifetime of 'stuff'- emotions, events, limiting beliefs that we continue to carry with us that no longer serves us. BodyTalk helps to peel away the layers of all this old baggage and help us get back to remembering who we are at our core, the lightbulb under all the layers of paint. A regular routine of sessions is a great way to heal body, mind and spirit.  I feel BodyTalk is an essential service for everyone and should be affordable. 

Package options: See online booking for current individual session pricing. 

Adult  Session pre-paid packages: (single session $90)

5 sessions for $400, 8 sessions for $600 or 12 sessions for $840. Use anytime within 2 years, is transferrable. 

Child Session pre-paid packages: (single session $60)

5 sessions for $250, 8 sessions for $360 or 12 sessions for $450. Use anytime within 2 years, is transferrable. 

Can't afford to pay up front? But ready to commit to a regular treatment plan? The 12 session Packs are for you!

Monthly Plans:

12 session series- Contract for 12 sessions either monthly over the year or  6 months bi-weekly paid with each visit.

$20 off each Adult session or any family combo booking ($70/session vs $90 regular Adult session, $110 adult/child( or prenatal) vs $130)  This is great if you want pre/postnatal sessions without the extra birth support/education/yoga in the package

PLUS any additional sessions added for your immediate family would receive $20 off while the package is in effect.  So instead of booking just the adult session you can upgrade to adding additional family members at any time as needed. You can use the 12 sessions faster than 12 months and the same rates will apply as long as you continue a regular routine of monthly sessions. 

Not sure if a pack is right for you? Book in and try a session, pay its full price and if within a month you decide to take a package you can apply the cost of the initial session to the package (get $40 off the next booking)

Child Intensive Distance Session Package (under 18):

12 Distance sessions Bi-weekly over 6 months $80/month or 12 over a year for $40/session

Children under 10 are best treated via distance sessions or by using a parent as a surrogate. 

Book a session to try at $60. If within a month you decided you want to do a 12 session package the second session would be $20  (2 sessions at $80) and all additional just $40. Once you complete 12 sessions this rate can remain in effect as long as you want to continue sessions monthly. 

Let me know if anyone referred you to me in your intake form. They will receive $20 credit to their account for each new referral. Want to give a session as a gift? I can apply the $20 referral credit right to that purchase. Message me to set it up. 

BodyTalk is safe, effective, non-invasive and great for everyone and every issue. Give it a try!

Current Prices for all my services are listed on the Online Booking Page

I offer discounted rates on family combo distance sessions and Adult-child or Prenatal duo session. As it is faster for me to treat 2+ people in a single session I offer these sessions are a reduced rate. Treat mom and baby in a 90 minute session for $130 vs $90+$60 each. See online booking for all the family package options. Book the whole family in and save. 

Payment options:

The booking system accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. I also accept e-transfers to joanne@fisherfamilybodytalk.com as well as cash and cheques for in person treatments.  PayPal or international wire transfers for the prenatal package can also be accepted.

Distance sessions are just as effective as coming in person, as we demonstrated with the Children Session case study. So, if you choose to get a distance session my default method is to do it unscheduled with an audio summary emailed after  outlining what was addressed. As you don't need to be available at any given time, you can book it in any available opening, regardless if you are actually available at that time or not. You get to take in the session summary whenever it is convenient for you. I treat people all over the world this way!! There is a booking option for an online appointment. You can specify you want it over the phone/skype instead if desired.  If you want a specific time and I have an opening, but the time doesn't quite work check with me and I may be able to move a 'unscheduled' session around to allow you to come in!  

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