Case 3: GirlAge 2Cerebral Palsy

Initial Complaint:

My daughter and her twin sister were born at 34 weeks. It was clear to us that there were some issues from very early on. She began rolling around 6 months but missed all other milestones after that. She was diagnosed this summer with Periventricular Leukomalacia which is under the Cerebral Palsy umbrella. She was able to sit up unassisted in February, army crawl this summer and learned to crawl on all fours this fall. Her speech is delayed and currently has 5 words.

Post Study:

She is now standing with the help of something and can shuffle her feet along a little bit.

* She was treated by Sharon, in her 3rd treatment Sharon was prompted to address the minor chakras located on the soles of the feet and its attribute of being unable to take a stand in life. That same day this client began pulling herself up to her feet and the attempts to cruise the furniture.  We were so pleased to recieve excited videos of her progress!  

Because this child is so developmentally delayed most of the questions didn't apply to her. She seen improvement in her mobility but it is still far from perfect for her age. Minor improvements in immunity and attachment issues.  Overall the parents were pleased with her improvements.

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