Case 19: Girl Age 3 Vision

Initial Complaint:

She has browns syndrome which gives sight problems and a partially paralyzed eye. A calcified tumor in her brain is also causing obstruction to her vision as well as the loss of functioning of the orbital muscles. She is legally blind in one eye. 

Study Outcome:

 We haven't noticed any change in her vision and her opthamologist hasn't either. It was inconclusive if there was improvement in her vision as she was able to test better because she is older but minimally her vision stayed the same or a slight improvement was seen, which given the dramatic vision loss and paralysis that we previously occurring to have no further decline is a huge win.  She has however improved sleeping, although her sleeping arrangements changed and that seemed to be a big difference.

3 Months post Study: It was noted her vision was improving.

6 Months post Study (Sept 2017): An MRI was conducted... Best seen from her mother's own words!