Stop Smoking- A 6 week Transformation Program

Are you Ready to quit for good?

 Break free of your destructive habits & thoughts. 

This program ran Dec 2020. Access to all the recorded sessions is available for $150 or $200 with a private BodyTalk session. Click the register button to email Joanne or call/text 306-341-3695 to get it set up. 

Welcome to the 6-week BodyTalk Quit Smoking Program. 

This program is designed to help you break free of your destructive habits, Nicotine being just one. You can transform yourself into a version of yourself that isn’t tied to cravings, impulsivity, and self-destructive habits. 6 weeks gives the time needed to rewire your neural networks of these habits, thoughts, and feelings. Your beliefs about yourself, your abilities, your environment, and your tendencies create your reality. Through BodyTalk we will peel away the layers of the limiting beliefs, the past experiences that keep you stuck and keep you from being you. And keep you addicted!

 Through the individual and group sessions, we will peel away the layers. Work to uncover the highest version of yourself under all the limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits, and patterns. BodyTalk is transformative within itself. If you are willing to invest deeper into yourself, level 2 of this program will include a daily meditation practice to become more mindful and take control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. And if you're really committed to change and willing to go all the way, level 3 will include mental rehearsal work as Dr. Joe Dispenza calls it- To Break the habit of being you. 

We have run the same thought/feeling programs for most of our lives, they have become our default states of being. It has just become who you are. I am impulsive, I am a smoker, I am disorganized, I am poor, I am unable to save money, I am a victim, I am not deserving of love… We may have a conscious desire to change these aspects of ourselves but like the New Year’s resolutions of the past, we fall short. Ingraining in yet again that it is useless to bother trying. What if you could believe this time could be different? What if this time and this program could give you the skills and support needed to change your life? Not just quit nicotine, but quit the other patterns that impair your happiness and success? To move out of survival mode and into a life of your conscious creation?

We move out of survival mode by changing our minds -which alters the chem messengers to our body and modifies our behaviour which creates a whole new experience, creating new chemistry that affects our cells. This is creating personal evolution. This is being proactive and taking charge of your state of being and how it influences your reality as well as your physical health and mental state. 

We will find ourselves operating in outdated programs of behaviours, feelings, and thoughts… unconsciously mirroring the attitudes, beliefs, prejudices, biases, fears, insecurities, habits, and addictions of those you conceived and raised you. 

  But the great news is YOU are the programmer and you can overwrite these programs. In the next 6-weeks, you will learn how to prune out the neural networks that don’t serve you and replace them with programs you do want. 

We create an intention to change. Change our thoughts and feelings. To create new positive states of being and repeat them over and over again. The unused pathways are pruned away and these new pathways become prominent.  

Can you stop your automatic thoughts, actions, and reactions midstream? Can you become self-aware, take conscious control of your thoughts & modify your behaviours? 

This program will teach you how! 

Through this program I will help you to intentionally create a new you, to stay more present and in control of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to create new states of being. To raise your electromagnetic signature so universal intelligence brings you the new experiences you want and not just what you always got before.

Stop 'Smoking' Program starts December 27 to prepare you to be not only nicotine-free for New Years' 2021 but also to break out of other self-destructive patterns.  

 I use the term 'Smoking' for simplicity, but this program is just as valid for those addicted to Cigarettes, Cigars, Vaping, or chewing tobacco or other substances. Or those who have quit but still find themselves falling back into the old patterns.   

This 6-week program includes:

  • 1 Initial Session- Introduction and preparation BodyTalk session Upon registration
  • 11 group sessions- Provided by Audio files sent you by email or text message over the 6 weeks.
  • 1 private BodyTalk session -Book Between Dec 6 and January 10. Online or In-person appointment. 
  • 50% off additional private sessions booked through the 6 weeks- Get more personalized support for only $45/session
  • Optional Daily meditation and mental rehearsal work
  • Craving coping tools to use
  • Optional group support 
  • email/text support with Joanne as needed. 
  • Downloadable files for lifetime access. 

Registration is limited!

Receiving 12 BodyTalk sessions individually would cost $1170 plus all the extras, this program is valued at $1500. Regular Price: $550 CDN. 

Register for the Stop smoking class by emailing Joanne.  Upon registration, you will be emailed an invoice to pay by credit card, E-transfer, or PayPal.

Why should you join?

 Because BodyTalk is different:

Nicotine replacement only addresses the physical withdrawal. BodyTalk can address the oral fixation, hand-mouth habits, help the body through withdrawal, help heal the damage smoking has caused, help reduced/relieve the discomfort of the coughing that comes with quitting by creating better communication within the physical body, cellular repair protocols, and more. 

 My experience with Hypnotherapy is that it just tricks your subconscious into thinking things are okay without fixing the real reasons you smoke. It works short term but eventually, the underlying needs demand to be filled again. BodyTalk works at the level of the subconscious to bring up the underlying issues, so they can be addressed/released. Like the limiting beliefs of -It's too hard to quit, I'm not capable, I need it, I want it, It is part of me... As well as the underlying fears of not being able to cope without it, not having an excuse to exit a situation and all the emotional ties to it. 

BodyTalk addresses the whole you -including the meridian system used in acupuncture. The benefits of acupuncture are included in BodyTalk! Without needles or timely appointments. 

Why did you start? BodyTalk will take us to address these origins. I hypothesize some areas we will work will be- Insecure attachment patterns, inability to self-soothe: issues with emotional regulation, inability to cope with stress, need to escape situations, repressed emotions, and other past experiences that create triggers within you. BodyTalk will address whatever the priority is for the group each session. Even more in your private session. 

Why can't you quit? In the past common reason I've seen that could come up to be addressed are letting go of the identity as a smoker, fears of not fitting in with friends, how it will change your life (good & bad), not knowing how else to cope (going out to smoke as an excuse to exit situations), and whatever else you need to work through. 

The daily meditation and mental rehearsal work will re-wire your neural circuitry of the negative and self-destructive patterns you choose to repair. In this program, you will work to create the highest version of yourself. 


Who is the program for?

This program is aimed at anyone wanting to quit Nicotine. But is open to anyone wanting to break free of their self destructive habits.   Anyone ready to look inward to why they continue these patterns and  break free of what is holding them back from quitting.  As this program is about reprogramming our self-destructive patterns it will benefit anyone. 

Will I have to talk about my past or problems?

NO. The amazing thing about BodyTalk is it pulls all this stuff up to be addressed without having to re-live it or even talk about it. It just needs to be brought up to conscious awareness to be released. I do the work for you!

How does group distance sessions work?

All that is needed to heal is conscious awareness which makes group work extra powerful as more minds are on the same thing. See this video for more information on group distance work. 

Is it just a placebo effect?

The mind is powerful. Our thoughts create our reality. When you change your thoughts anything is possible. BodyTalk helps to let go of the old patterns, trauma- experiences that are staying energetically charges or 'active memories'. It helps to peel away the layers of limiting beliefs, false identities, dogma and conditioning that had been put on you as a child. Helping you find your authentic self and innate health. Once your mind believes you are a nonsmoker and don't need it any more your body will change too.

Can you guarantee I will quit?

No one can make you quit except you. BodyTalk will help remove the barriers and resistance but it is up to you to make up your mind to put it down and never pick it up again. I will help you to get there in every way I can. Even if you don't quit smoking this program will benefit you. It will help you to be less stressed, less anxious, cope better. You will create better self-awareness and self-control. You will feel lighter and healthier as your old baggage is released. It is safe, easy, effective and will never cause harm. You'll have lifetime access to the program so if you're not ready now you will have it for when you are. (Although discounted individual sessions are only valid during the 6-week program dates). What do you have to lose? Choose YOU over fear. 

See this amazing story of a woman who quit Cigarettes, METH, Cannabis and healed much more with BodyTalk 

Program Dates -Audio File Session Summaries (Approx 15-30 minutes) 

Introductory info - Free access to audio file

  1. Initial session -  Pre program session  Access FREE 
  2. Sun. Dec 27 - Session #2, 
  3. Wed. Dec 30- Preparing to quit
  4. Fri. Jan 1-  Quit day if suitable for you. Customized quit plan. 
  5. Sun. Jan 3-  First of Support sessions
  6. Wed. Jan 6- more layers
  7. Sun. Jan 10 
  8. Wed Jan 13
  9. Sun Jan 17
  10. Wed Jan 20
  11. Sun Jan 24
  12. Sun Jan 31

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