BodyTalk is great for The Whole Family

BodyTalk is Stress Reduction for the Whole Family

The best gift we can give our children is our own happiness because they will mirror that. If we are stressed they feel it. If the stress is a distraction that takes away our ability to be focused and attached with them then we wire them to feel they are only worth your time when sick or in distress or behaving badly.. conditioning them that to be sick or ill behaved is of benefit to them. Dr. Gabor Mate says all behaviour problems are attachment problems. I’ve seen that dynamic shift as I repair my attachment relationship with my 7 year old and our behavior problems have melted away. Which I was only able to do by addressing my own issues in relating to others and how emotional shut down I was. I continue to do extensive work through my issues that impair my ability to have a strong relationships so that I can help my kids and myself to be happy. 

A huge benefit of regular treatments for parents is we can work to disconnect from your past traumas, patterns and limitations.  We want to parent better than we were parented but we can only do what we know and what our parents mirrored for us. We carry on the patterns of our parents until we do the work to break them. Our issues of self esteem, confidence, emotional competency, unhealthy relationship patterns.  whatever issues we each carry are mirrored by our children.

BodyTalk is quantum healing but also therapy bringing up the root causes of why we feel unloveable or chronically angry- releasing whatever walls we built-up around ourselves. We can address the issues around self esteem, body image, confidence, emotional expression, intimacy,  and dysfunctional patterns etc. that are not serving you. BodyTalk can help you to break them down so that you don’t pass those habits and patterns on to your children.. disconnecting from the generational traumas and patterns.

BodyTalk is easy, safe, effective and non-invasive Holistic Healthcare that addresses any issue or limitations that is holding you back or causing you symptoms physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  It can help you and your whole family to relieve the day-to-day stress. We are designed to self-heal, but stress gets in the way. Let BodyTalk help you translate your symptoms and get to the root cause. Any age, any issue -BodyTalk can help. 

BodyTalk can be done in person or via distance session. Remote sessions is the preferred way of treating children under 10. I simply treat myself as a surrogate and email you an audio file summarizing what was addressed. You listen to it when you have time. No need to make our schedules match or to pack kids out of the house with your already crazy schedule. So easy, yet so effective.

Examples of Issues treated for children:

* Not meeting milestones for development, movement, speech, learning etc * Breastfeeding issues*  Potty training and bed wetting * Sleep issues *  Fears, Phobias *  Allergies and Intolerances * immune issues *Aggression * behaviour issues * Over attachment and clingyness *Trouble transitioning to daycare/school etc *Transitioning to a new sibling* Processing separation/divorce * Family dynamics * Trauma * Self esteem * Weight management * School/Sports performance and anything else life brings your way. 

Feel free to call me with questions. Online booking has an option to schedule a time to discuss your questions to avoid playing phone tag. I am happy to configure a treatment plan specific to your child and family's need. 

We conducted a 12-week case study using distance sessions to treat children ages 2-4 see the details about that here

See Pricing options here. 

What is BodyTalk? Click here for detailed info on what BodyTalk is.

Facebook Live Event with Susan Lee CBP discussing Family and Child BodyTalk. November 13, 2017

BodyTalk is a holistic health care system that works at the level of the subconscious to get to the root of the problem so your own innate ability to heal, de-stress and communicate can work optimally. BodyTalk is known first and foremost as a method of stress reduction. Stress creates miscommunication through the body-mind complex resulting in disease, pain, depression, anxiety, allergies, limiting beliefs, subconscious barriers to success and happiness.. 

BodyTalk can address any issue by asking yes/no questions to the subconscious to find out the root cause. Once you recognize that you have a problem and what it is you own innate ability to heal goes to work to fix the issue. We are designed to heal but sometimes we need a little help. Every symptom we have is our body trying to communicate with us. 

Chronic pain, depression, anxiety is telling us the way we are going or operating in life isn’t working for you. Our body holds onto experiences until you go back to address them and release them. As a BodyTalker I’m essentially a translator between you and your symptoms. Letting your body talk. BodyTalk is  easy, safe and non invasive but very weird. You just have to experience it to understand. 

Whenever we have an experience first thing our subconscious does is goes into our past experiences and asks have we been here before do we know how to react to this situation? We then get triggered or irrationality upset or our body becomes defensive resulting in an intolerance or allergy, or stores it as a restriction in mobility or communication..   we carry on the past. Are you ready to let go of it?

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