Case 14: GirlAge 3Respiratory

Initial Complaint:

Main concern is Breath holding since birth. It seems to be triggered mostly by stress or physical pain. She will start to cry, then cough persistently and can't seem to take a good breath in or out. When she was born, she was blue, still, and not breathing. It took about 4 minutes for her to pink up and breath normally. We found out post birth that the placenta and my uterus were infected and likely had been for about two months. As an infant she had continual infections, but these have decreased significantly with age. She had many breath holding spells as an infant and now has them periodically (monthly) depending on how often she is triggered. Breath holding spells last 2-10 minutes. She turns very pale and panicked during the attacks.   She is very wiggly and seems to lack spatial awareness. Hurts herself often (falls of chairs, down stairs, etc.)  

Study Outcome:

Interestingly, her  breath holding spells became more frequent and we had two severe episodes where we ended up in emergency. Perhaps this had to surface for more swap healing to take place. I am looking forward to seeing how she is over the next few months and beyond.

Update  in May- 2 months following the completion of the study:   I just wanted to let you know that she has been doing really well!! We have taken her off dairy again. She has had only a few minor breathing episodes since the trial ended. She has gotten very upset several times with no coughing or breathing issues.