I'm Joanne Fisher and I'm passionate about helping families to thrive through all the changes and struggles that life brings them. Our early childhood experiences program us for the rest of our lives. We carry on  unhealthy generational patterns to the next generation unless we decide to become conscious of them and break the cycle. Our past experiences stay active and continue to trigger us. Our partners and children are the best at pushing our buttons and making us aware of where we struggle within. Stress has a major impact on our ability to be present, to connect, to have joy... BodyTalk is stress reduction. Creating communication within the body where it was lost or where we were unable to listen to its cries for attention. Every symptom has an underlying message, old experiences that were pushed under the surface asking to be resolved.  Your child's issues around sleep are expressions of needs that need to be met. As an Infant Sleep Educator, I'm here to tell you babies wake at night for good reasons- for comfort and  to ensure close proximity. Our need for physical comfort and attachment is essential for life. I'm here to help you find balance between those needs and your own needs for sleep. Stress floods us with cortisol and negatively impacts our brain and physical health. Sleep is supposed to  bring us out of stress mode not create more. I'm here to help with sleep or anything else your family may face- be it conflict, physical symptoms, depression/anxiety, trouble transitioning into new experiences (new siblings, schools, jobs, teams etc).. Getting to the root cause of any issues from inutero to elderly. 

Client Success Story:

My first experience with Joanne was in September 2021 when I booked a distance BodyTalk session for my two older children. This session was so eye-opening and spot on, she helped in making sense of a lot of issues my children had been dealing with. Since then, I’ve not only continued doing monthly distance sessions for my children, I also booked her prenatal package during my most recent pregnancy. I’m happy to say that my children are doing so well. My older son who had trouble focusing in school and had low grades ended the school year on the A/B honor roll. My second son’s eczema cleared up and hasn’t returned. My toddler has made such a great transition with her newborn sibling. My pregnancy went smoothly, and my newborn and I are recovering amazingly. I also want to mention that I was able to connect with my baby during pregnancy in a way that I would’ve not been able to if it wasn’t for sessions with Joanne. My baby is so relaxed and content, I still can’t believe how easy he’s been compared to my older children as infants. He is very healthy and not at all fussy.

I highly recommend Joanne to all families, most especially to those expecting. The whole family will benefit from her knowledge and expertise, and she is constantly expanding her skills and services. Also, the connection you make with your baby during pregnancy is just absolutely incredible, all expecting moms should experience it! ~ Keo F, Guam

My new e-book is coming soon. Here is a sneak peak!