Case 2: Boy Age 4 Behaviour/Aggression

Initial complaint:

Our child has intense emotions. He has outbreaks that include: yelling, hitting, and punching. This has been happening since our youngest was born over 19 months ago. She screamed for 4 months of 16 hour days. During this time, our son's  emotions went from happy go lucky, high spirited child to more anger. His emotions were daily and after implementing positive discipline tools we are more at every 3-4 days! However, he will often react just to me, his mom. If I am in the room and someone says something he does not want to hear, he will come and find me to punch. This happens really quickly, under 20 seconds.  

Post Study comments:

We have also been more and more consistent with Positive Discipline Parenting tools, yoga once a week and pilates once a week. We have noticed that his emotional outburst have been less frequent and intense. He has been more open about conversations and we have also realized he had been bored with school work.   The weekly insights were interesting. There were numerous ah-ha moments that related to his thoughts and belief behind his behaviours. I was better able to address some of the belief systems such as I am not worthy, I could do better. This helped me to pick Positive Discipline Parenting tools that are targeted towards the assumed inadequacy. Thank you for the insight and clarifying these points   I struggled with the effects of the past life work. Yet, it does make sense when related towards the behaviours with his sister.


This client had major improvements with his ear infections and showed minor improvements in his aggression, behaviour and adapatability but was  one of only 2 clients that didn't notice any dramatic improvements. 

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