Case 16: BoyAge 2Sleep/Behaviour

Initial Complaint:

He was 2 in October and while he doesn't have any 'major' issues, his behaviours are pretty aggressive and a lot of outbursts. He's gotten more and more verbal, which I think is helping with his frustrations but I'd love to get a 'read' on him and see what we can do to help make things easier for him.   Sleep and behaviour more than anything. He's never been a good sleeper, hard to get to sleep, and wakes multiple times every night. As for his behaviour, he's very intense about life in general. He's aggressive towards us and his siblings, screams and shrieks and won't settle down when asked, no matter what method we try(lower voice, higher voice, screaming, cajoling, bribing) Bedtime is a battle every night resulting in one of us lying with him only to continue to fight to get him to sleep. We're at our wits end, it's been over 2 years of not enough sleep for everyone and would be great if we could figure out how to help him.

Study Outcome:

  He has started sleeping slightly better. He still wakes in the night here and there but not as often as before. He's also easier to get to sleep, which was one of our main issues. Behaviorally, he still has some work to be done, but we'll get there.