BodyTalk is hard to explain and just must be experienced. Best way to get to understand what BodyTalk is and  what it has to offer you is to attend a free presentation & demonstration. We will be holding a special BodyTalk Event October 3, 2021- a great place to learn more and experience BodyTalk for yourself. Register here

BodyTalk looks at the big picture

BodyTalk has moved beyond the idea that improving health is merely finding symptoms and attempting to eliminate or relieve these symptoms. BodyTalk looks at the whole person, the physical, mental, emotional and environment. BodyTalk works at the level of the subconscious to bring the root of the issues up to conscious awareness. Much like an iceberg, the vast majority of our 'stuff' (the underlying trigger, trauma, belief system) is under the surface. The first step in fixing a problem is 1- recognize you have a problem and 2- what the problem is. Once the conscious mind knows what the problem is and why, our own innate ability to heal can do its job.  Every symptom, emotional trigger is your body/mind telling you something needs to be addressed. As a BodyTalker, I am basically just a translator between you and your symptoms. It is all about effective communication!

I like to think of our symptoms as the error code on your vehicle, communication that something is wrong. BodyTalk is the translator that helps you to understand what this error is, but also the YouTube tutorial that provides all the information you need to simply fix the problem yourself. We are able to heal ourselves, body, mind and behaviours. 

I like to think of us as a light-bulb. When we are born, we are our purest version of ourselves, we are in the moment, we are in tune with our feelings, body and needs. But like layers of paint we are coated with belief systems, limitations, dogma and experiences that take us away from ourselves. We become conditioned to withhold our feelings, thoughts, and we conformed to the expectations and environment we were raised in. We became divided from our true self. BodyTalk is always moving us into Individuation, the state of not being divided. It is peeling away the layers of pain, beliefs and the masks  that stop you from truly shining.

BodyTalk is based in quantum physics, an understanding that the universe and everything in it contains the information of the whole. Everything is dynamically interconnected, so all systems, cells, and subatomic particles within the body-mind are in communication with every other system, cell and particle. Each body-mind is also interconnected with everything and everyone else in their environment, as well as everything in the universe. Each and every electron must know exactly what every other electron in the universe is doing in order to know what it, itself, has to do at a given moment. Therefore, all distant events are constantly interconnected and interdependent. When something shifts somewhere, then all the other elements making up the web of reality must respond and shift also. In distance  and surrogate sessions the practitioner or surrogate experiences the shift in one place which is also experienced by the client somewhere else. When we communicate with the body-mind, we simply use our brain to focus in on the priority area which the BodyTalk Protocol tells us that needs balancing. This ability is enhanced by using a mental workshop, used by many BodyTalk Practitioner’s, called Mindscape. Much like a cell phone can quickly connect around the globe without a physical connection, BodyTalkers can use MindScape to accurately tune in to their clients without having to use physical contact.

BodyTalk’s main focus is to improve communication of the body-mind. It is these disruptions in communication that result in illness, pain and disease. Communication exists in all areas, including the nervous system and the energy systems. Stress causes these circuits to become compromised, weakening and disrupting the components of the bodymind. BodyTalk helps to re-establish these energetic circuits and efficient communication by finding the elements of the bodymind which were involved and by ‘linking’ them together again, then allows the body to very quickly recover and catch up in the healing process.

BodyTalk works through what the yogic system calls the '5 Koshas’ or 5 bodies. In a top-down approach that if you elicit healing at the top it trickles down to heal the levels below. The top level is the bliss body, the enlightened body that needs no correction, but spontaneous healing occurs at all levels. The second level, the supramental is where BodyTalk gets its information, it is the intuitive, higher aspect of consciousness. The mental body, is the level of our belief systems, attitudes, thoughts and emotions that is created by the mind is an area also addressed by BodyTalk but also by psychotherapy that result in noticeable shifts in the remaining two levels. The vital or energy body, is the areas addressed by energy medicine such as acupuncture, Reiki, Meridian tapping, Chakra balancing and even homeopathy. Since the energy moves from the vital body to the physical body, its correction can have noticeable effects on the physical body. The final body, the physical, is of course the obvious body and work at the physical level such as medication, physical and manual therapy only address the physical symptoms.

BodyTalk uses the supramental body to ask a series of yes/no questions to discover what is out of communication and then works through them regardless if they are mental, vital/energetic or physical to elicit self-healing  down the 5 bodies.  All done gently, safely and noninvasively in both in person or distance sessions with often immediate, dramatic and lasting results.

What a session entails:

An in-person session is non-invasive and completely relaxing. You lie back on a massage table and relax while Joanne takes your hand to ask the yes/no questions, or if you prefer not to be touched, she can ask the questions on herself. Once what needs to be fixed is discovered, which could be a single item or a bunch of items linked together, called “a formula”.  Gentle tapping on or above the top of the head and heart are used to help increase communication between the body-mind complex to help you to heal yourself or to release the holdings that needed to be let go of. BodyTalk can be thought of as running a bunch of computer programs. In most sessions we work through a number of smaller formulas which is like opening a number of small programs to bring forth information and can take some processing time if we open a big program like BodyTalk’s cellular repair that helps the body to focus on its own cellular healing you may only have it and 1 or 2 other things come up in the session. We have a limited amount of processing ability, and we will only be able to treat the amount you can handle in each individual session.  Sessions are scheduled for an hour but once more often around the 40-minute mark. Each session is peeling away the layers and addressing what needs to be addressed to remedy the issue, even though it may not make sense why something comes up. A client could come in with a liver issue and the whole session could come up focused on the colon & digestive system. If that client seen a medical doctor he would likely be medicated, an alternative therapist would likely prescribe a detox. What happens if you medicate or detox, and you’re constipated? You’re going to feel even more crappy. So BodyTalk could address the constipation and allow the liver to naturally decongest.  People will come in with back pain, and we will work through relationship or money issues and the back pain will go away.  Joanne also works intensively into past life trauma and karma that is causing suffering and pain in this life. Which is particularly evident as the root cause in children who have phobias and extreme behaviours.

In a distance session we could schedule a specific time and treat you over the phone, zoom, skype or other web based form and treat you much like a live session taking you through the duration of the treatment. Most clients prefer the convenience of a remote session receiving either an emailed  audio file summarizing what was treated  to listen to at own convenience or a follow up phone call.  This is the preferred way of treating children as we do not have to disrupt their day or even involve them in the process at all. Children 10+ depending on their maturity and openness to address their problems could benefit from an in person session and the ability to talk about their problems. When you book a distance session it will be done remotely unless you specify otherwise.  As BodyTalk tells us what needs to be addressed  and the client doesn’t need to provide Joanne any information about them, it is a great way of treating anyone who doesn’t want to open up and talk. In many ways as we talk to the sub conscious mind it seems like Joanne is psychic revealing things you may have never told anyone or unconscious fears & limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

"Joanne has worked extensively with my 5 yr old son for the last 4 months via distance BodyTalk sessions. She is polite, kind and very neutral when working. She is always very accurate in what comes up to be cleared and healed, without me mentioning anything about my son. I appreciate that she doesn't ask me too many questions about the problem because her interpretation has always been accurate. I have started to notice changes in my son. He is very intense, and Joanne's work has been extremely helpful in helping him adjust to life and school. I would highly recommend working with her." -- N.B &  son. U.S.A