Statistical Analysis of the 19 cases

In December 2016, the parents/guardians filled out an initial intake questionnaire where they described the concerns they were having with the child and rated the following issues on a scale of 0-5. 0 being a non-issue or not-applicable and 5 being severe.  They answered the same questions in April 2017.  A statistical analysis was done comparing the average change of incidence of each survey question. A negative Percent change indicating that there was a reduction in the concern, positive being there was an increase in incidents. We had a couple categories where the results were  considered statistically significant (low variability in responses, showing accurate change in incidence). Overall with our 19 children we seen a 125% improvement in children sleeping through the night, a 230% improvement in eliminating nightmares/night terrors and a 47% improvement in eczema.   In our non-significant data we seen a reduction in almost all issues with the exception of allergies and spiritual fears.  In conclusion, our participants displayed marked improvements in the vast majority of the physical, emotional, behavioural and  social issues surveyed. Showing the effectiveness of  the BodyTalk treatments done through distance.