Case 9:GirlAge 7Epilepsy/Sleep

Initial complaint:

Our daughter has an acquired brain injury that came with repeated oxygen deprivation from her severe epileptic seizures disorder. The ABI has caused severe anxiety, balance and coordination issues, fine motor delays, night terrors, bed wetting and we are currently investigating the possibility of sleep apnea.   This fall she has had 6 seizures in the span of 2 months, plus petit mal away spells regularly, headaches and behaviour issues and anxiety.

Study Outcome: (Update reported in May, 2 months post study)

Since the study she has been seizure free, grand & petit! Headache free and able to communicate that she needs alone time and self regulate her behaviour. Being seizure free for 5 months she's been able to progress with her rehab programs, where she would have to start all over again with each subsequent seizure. 

Her anxiety has not changed although she is now in activities that are stressful for her that could be contributing. Her sleep has improved. She is having fewer night terrors and sleeping mostly through the night, only waking once or twice.  

 Oddly enough despite not treating her younger brother he hasn't had any seizures either!