Prenatal Education and Infant/Child Sleep Consultations

What is Infant Sleep Education? How is it different from sleep training?

We take a developmental approach. Looking at the science of sleep, development and attachment. We recognize how in those earliest years we are creating the foundation of neural, emotional and psychological development. 85% of brain growth occurs in the first 3 years of life. We want to foster that development and not distress it. Sleep trainers take a behaviourist approach looking at baby's night wakings as bad and a behaviour to be fixed. As an ISE we recognise how waking is a part of normal healthy development. A large focus of our work together will be on how to get your whole family more sleep, with us working towards shifting your adult sleep and lifestyle habits that may be leaving you too tired to parent normal baby behaviour. Much new research has shown that distress-based sleep training doesn't actually help babies sleep better, and doesn't change their own night waking intervals or wakeful time enough for the effort and disconnect to be worth it. Babies are born with the expectation that when they need you, you will be there, and traditional sleep training methods lead them to believe that you wont come when called. This training may create neural-pathways which lead to avoiding asking for help when its needed, which infant mental health experts are beginning to feel is connected to the growing amount of childhood anxiety we are seeing. If behavioural modification methods don't actually teach your baby to sleep better or longer, and is more to meet adult needs of not being called for in the night, I invite you to first find other simpler and less upsetting ways to achieve the same goal! As your sleep educator, this is exactly what I will help you do!

If you would like to focus on interdependent children who know when to ask for help and when to attempt it alone, my alternative to sleep training is the answer. Together we can help your family teach interdependence while maintaining the trust needed to know that help is coming if it's needed. We can avoid possible unwanted consequences such as relationship and attachment concerns, and help you feel more rested at the same time. Many families simply feel strongly that their babies cries are meant to be responded to. If this sounds like you, know that your instinct and your baby’s ability to learn to trust are valid and worth protecting.

Readmore about Milani's experience working with me here.

Prenatal Group or Private Classes:

The #1 concern for new parents is SLEEP and how to get it!
Hint-- It does NOT involve sleep training or self soothing!!

This class is designed to set up healthy expectations and habits surrounding infant sleep BEFORE the baby is here.

Using evidence based research, we have created a prenatal class that sets parents up for the best start possible.
Not only do we get parents on the same page as far as infant sleep knowledge, but you will also learn about schedules, calming techniques and ‘normal’ sleep patterns for a baby. We want to set the stage for good sleep habits so that your baby can grow up knowing that bedtime is a safe and peaceful time.

Prenatal  Sleep Group Class:

3 hour Workshop for those expecting or with young babies.
Covering: Normal infant sleep Patterns 0-3 years, infant neurological development & Parenting the infant brain for long term healthy mental and emotional health, ensuring safe sleep/ SIDs reduction tools, Parenting to sleep tools,  understanding your babies' cries, developmental progressions,  Healthy family balance, attachment & development and much more to prepare you to have realistic expectations and the knowledge to help your entire family get their needs met.
Partners encouraged to attend but are not necessary.  Great class for those who work with expectant families too. 

Tuesday Aug 31, 2021 6-9 pm  $25  Register Here

Pre/postnatal Sleep Education Private E-Class

Same as the in person/online class. Plus:
Personalized help creating a nursery/sleep environment that works for you and is safe. Nighttime parenting tips & get all your questions answered. $75*

Creating a healthy attitude about sleep now for fewer issues down the road.

Private Sleep Consultations:

Want a good night’s sleep, but don’t want the tears?
You’re in the right spot!

 I believe that learning to fall asleep on your own is a developmental milestone, just like crawling or walking.
Forcing a baby to crawl or walk before they are ready would ultimately result in frustration and tears for both of you. It is the same with sleep  but there is plenty we can do to set the stage for your baby (and you) to get a good night's sleep. Sleep trainers work from a behaviourist approach that baby's night waking is a problem to be fixed but from a developmental standpoint we know waking is normal and a part of healthy development. There is often environmental,health and parental factors that could be affecting sleep we can address.
 I will help you troubleshoot your issues and together we create a plan that allows you to get your needs met and allows baby to form a healthy relationship with sleep. 
If you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, or at your wits end, we can help you create  solutions in your life that will work for you AND your baby (no tears included).

I offer single hour support or more comprehensive packages depending on your needs. Book a free initial consult to see if I am the right fit for you.

*Private  Prenatal Sleep Education class is included in the new complete prenatal package! 

Sleep Support Package:

 Do you want to know WHY your baby is waking at night and create a plan to support them and soothe them WITHOUT ANY FORMAL SLEEP TRAINING? This package is for parents of babies/children at any age and is geared towards families who want to understand what 'normal' infant sleep looks like and how they can best support their baby and themselves through these stages.

The initial consultation lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours and includes:

Comprehensive intake analysis

Private 90-120 minute consultation -in home, in clinic or online options to uncover the needs of each family member and troubleshoot issues. 

A discussion around age-appropriate sleep and what is 'normal' for your baby and developmental science. 

A comprehensive sleep strategy package we create together that fills the needs of all members of the family. 

 1 distance child BodyTalk Session and Audio summary. 

A 45-minute follow up support call 

Unlimited email/text support for 1 month   

  $300  book online  

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