case 10: GirlAge 3Failure to thrive

Initial Complaint:

Our daughter has a rare syndrome and many complications to go along with it. Failure to gain weight  is one attribute. She has been tube fed.   

Study Outcome:

After session 2- I just want to say thank you for today's session... You absolutely hit the nail on the head with the digestion stuff.. We both firmly believe that something is going on with her stomach but no one can figure it out.. Not even the doctors. Also  Today her behaviour did a 360!!!! She has Never behaved this well before!!  


She had many areas that were covered over her body talk session. I noticed a huge change in her behaviour during the 6 weeks of treatment. She was able to transition  from different situations without having a sensory meltdown. She was more cooperative and willing to listen and be apart of different activities. Her oral intake of food and liquids also increased dramatically during the 6 weeks which was absolutely amazing. I have never seen her eat so much food orally during the day!