Case 5: BoyAge 2Eczema 

Initial complaint:

Our child has suffered from eczema on and off since at least 6 months of age. It had settled over the summer but he had a major flare up in September and ever since then it has never fully settled. We are not certain what the cause is but have been controlling things such as his dairy intake as I assume it has contributed. I also believe environmental issues are a factor such as weather as it has always seemed to be worse in the colder months. I would assume stress also contributes and he feeds off my stress about it since I do stress about it regularly, especially if he has what I consider a severe flare up.  

Study Outcome:

His food issues have cleared up. There were issues with gagging and inability to eat some age appropriate foods-  raw carrots and popcorn to name two. He now eats these items freely without issues. I was also worried about his speech and in the last 2 months his speech has exploded. I've also found his energy to have settled.   His eczema tends to flare up and down, its never 100% the same day to day. Some days is what I consider sever for us and others its so moderate. It tends to flare on the backs of his legs (Behind the knees) the worst, his bum and up onto his back if its a big flare up. He also gets it on his arms legs and font torso on occasion.   I have seen a lot of improvements in my son. We look forward to more body talk appointments in the near future.


This client reports moderate improvements in eczema, sensitivity to criticism/feedback. Found improvements in speech and stuttering, allergies,  anxiety, sleep, bedwetting and nightmares/terrors, anger & aggression, behaviour and attachment issues. Improvements in almost all areas we evaluated.