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We are designed to heal but sometimes things get to be too much & we need help.

I'm here to help. BodyTalk, Infant Sleep, Yoga

I like to think of our symptoms as the error code on your vehicle, communication that something is wrong. BodyTalk is the translator that helps you to understand what this error is but also the YouTube tutorial that provides all the information you need to simply fix the problem yourself. We are able to heal ourselves, body, mind and behaviours. 

I like to think of us as a lightbulb. When we are born, we are our purest version of ourselves, we are in the moment, we are in tune with our feelings, body and needs. But like layers of paint we are coated with belief systems, limitations, dogma and experiences that take us away from ourselves. We become conditioned to withhold our feelings, thoughts and we conformed to the expectations and environment we were raised in. We became divided from our true self. Bodytalk is always moving us into Individuation, the state of not being divided. It is peeling away the layers of pain, beliefs and the masks  that stop you from truly shining.

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