Connection is everything

Cultivate Your connectedness to baby, your body, your intuition, your power, your confidence, your community...

Prenatal Connections is an 8- week class for anyone preparing to be a parent. Pregnant, surrogacy, adoption whatever your story is, you are invited to explore your connectivity  and readiness to bring this conscious little being into the world.  Partners and non-birthing parents-to-be are encouraged to attend.   We all have walls, defensive patterns and wounds that interfere with our ability to truly connect and be present with ourselves and others. This 'stuff' is likely trying to make itself aware through physical and emotional symptoms. 

How prepared are you to undertake this new journey on a consciousness/soul level? We will explore and disperse the fears and create a foundation of connection to baby, to your body, your innate power, your intuition and so much more. This class blends together  the science of birth psychology, body consciousness, attachment, neuroscience and emotional intelligence with functional/alignment work of prenatal yoga and the magic of BodyTalk to release your limiting beliefs, fears, generational patterns and more.

First 8-week series starts September 14 at 5:45-7pm at The Veranda, 2120 St. George Avenue, Saskatoon.  Register Here

By request, I've added a Zoom Class option: Sundays at 12pm Noon CST


7 week series:  Sept 14- Oct 26, $130, Bring your partner (or intended parents etc) for half price.  

Class Combo: 7 week Personal Evolution class + Prenatal Connections for $230


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