BodyTalk Pricing

A session is typically scheduled for an hour but may take more or less depending on what needs to be addressed.  A pre or post natal is scheduled for an hour and half to give time to treat both mom and baby (or dad and child).  BodyTalk can be done on in-utero babies using the mom as a surrogate for  babies in arms or younger children that won't sit still. Children do not need to be present for the session (and tend to be more of a distraction than helpful).

Distance or surrogate sessions are the preferred method of treating children under 10. Treating 2+ people within the same distance session saves time and can be offered at a discounted rate. I pull up one or two "formulas' for one person, then as they have process time to work through it I treat a formula or two for the next person. It works wonderfully as the client gets more time to process each issue before throwing another one at it. Working back and forth between the 2+ clients and giving 1 audio summary or phone call afterwards.  

Buy more Save More

With the new booking system the 5 & 8 session bundles are changing to a gift certificate promotion which will be much more flexible. Buy a gift certificate that can be used for bookings for all members of the family (if desired)and all sessions booked with it will receive a discount. It won't matter if your booking just one person in or treating the whole family together it will get the discount. 

Buy a $250 gift certificate get $5 off each session, $400 get $10 off each session or $560 get $15 off each session booked. 

                              2019 pricing:

Adult Treatment: Single 1 hour session: $90

2 Adults together (surrogate on 1 or distance): $150

Child (under 18) Treatment : $60 or $75 at Inside Out Therapies

Treat 2 children in same distance session: $95

Treat the family in part or all together in a session:

1 adult & 1 child in same session (Pre/post natal): Live surrogate or distance session. $130 

1 adult & 2 children in the same 2 hour session (surrogate on adult or via Distance): $180 

2 adults and one child via distance (2.5 hour):  $220 

2 Adults with 2 children via distance (3 hour): $260