Hatha Yoga

From my studies at The Agama Esoteric yoga school inThailand I provide an introductory course into yoga as it was traditionally practiced. As yoga was practiced as a spiritual path to reach Samadhi (enlightenment) traditional Hatha (ha=Sun, tha =moon) yoga is a practice of balancing the solar, lunar and telluric (earth) energies through the 7 energies centres (Chakras). It is  practice of creating union with the universal energies and creating resonance with the chakras.  It is a practice in which we take specific postures (asanas) to link a specific chakras to the energies though concentration. These enegies can be used for healing, spiritual purposes or even development of paranormal powers. It is an amazing practice unlike any other you will find in the western world. A practice focused on healing and correcting energetic imbalances. Each class works through a specific chakra. Drop ins will be available although ongoing registration for this class is recommended as it is progressive. Includes handouts on each of the Chakras that will enable you to develop an individualized home practice.

Hatha Handouts:

class1trad.pdf class1trad.pdf
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Type : pdf
class2mula.pdf class2mula.pdf
Size : 704.436 Kb
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class3svad.pdf class3svad.pdf
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class4mani.pdf class4mani.pdf
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class5Ana.pdf class5Ana.pdf
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class6vis.pdf class6vis.pdf
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class7ajna.pdf class7ajna.pdf
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class8saha.pdf class8saha.pdf
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Classical Surya Namaskar/Sun Salutations. In Handout 1 there is the Surya Namaskar done with the chant of 12 vedic names of the sun. Here is an great audio to move with chants.

Surya Namaskar vedic dozen.mp3